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This was to be the new Home for the Billings Flying Mustangs. The Club decided they wished to own their own domain and get hosting, instead of having a member provide this for the club. When the president ask about this domain, it was suggested that the club find a domain they liked and develop their own site.

From the March 2014 minutes as published in Horsefeathers:

Billing Flying Mustangs Web Site:
Ralpho has now purchased the new Web Site.
The web site will be developed  by Branden and Lee.

We recommend that the Board of Directors be contacted to determine the URL for the new site.
The URL for the new site is:

This site will be an un-official site. It may have sections for the many different aspects of the Billings Flying Mustangs groups and interests.

Guests: You may look at open portions of the site and investigate the group to see about the fun activities we are engaged in. If you wish to register, we will keep you abreast of some of the added events and meetings.

There will be no members on this site.

This was a site under construction, please keep watching for updates.


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